JINS Product App
iPad App as functional eyewear explanation device


“The JINS Product App” is an iPad App installed at JINS stores nationwide.
Its features include the explanation of the functionality of JIN’s most distinctive eyewear namely, “JINS SCREEN”, “JINS READING GLASSES”, “JINS MOISUTURE” and “JINS Pollen CUT” on iPad.
It is on display at JINS stores nationwide.

JINS Product Appは全国のJINS店舗に設置された、機能性メガネ解説用ipadアプリ。JINSが扱う中でも特徴的な「JINS SCREEN」「JINS READING GLASSES」「JINS MOISUTURE」「JINS 花粉CUT」について、それぞれの機能をipadで解説。全国のJINS店舗で展示中。